About Anna Wagner

Non-fancy selfie
Fancy, professional headshot.
First things first: I work in marketing for an animal nutrition company. Long story short, the company makes probiotics for animals, which are added to the feed. I'm learning about the pork and poultry business, while still being immersed in dairy. My job brought me to Milwaukee, the city of beer and Harley. I like the former better than the latter.

Abridged background: I was raised on a dairy in Minnesota, was active in 4-H for 10 years, met the boyfriend in high school and have been dating him ever since, went to college in what I refer to as "almost Canada" because nary a person I talk to know where Crookston, MN is, held internships in different cities, moved to Madison to work for a dairy equipment company and then moved to Milwaukee for what has turned into an amazing job.

Not so abridged:

The boyfriend and I at college graduation. 
Apparently I graduated from college three years ago. Not sure how that got to be so long ago. I'm a 2011 grad of the University of Minnesota, Crookston, located in the northwest corner of Minnesota.  I started out as an Animal Science major, then added an Ag Business major and then a Communication minor, then changed all over again.  In just 3 years, I graduated with a B.S. in Communication with a Marketing minor. While in college, I held internships, was active in the dairy club and student government, and studied abroad in Iceland and Norway.
At a sales meeting in Cancun.

I travel a lot for work - about a week a month, give or take. I mostly love that aspect. It's taken me some pretty cool places, but business travel isn't always glamorous either.

I maintain an interesting balance between my lovely homestate of Minnesota and my new state of Wisconsin. I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan who is never becoming a cheesehead, but in the other sense of the word WI has absolutely turned me into a cheese snob and I love trying new cheese and putting cheese on basically everything I cook. WI has also turned me into a beer snob. No sissy ol Miller Lite for me in the town where everything is named after Miller. Just ask me about my favorite beers. I'm a fan of Prairie Home Companion, love lefse despite not actually being Norwegian and have seen Church Basement Ladies.

Country music is my first love in the music world, but I can't stand Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan. No, Luke Bryan, I will not shake it for you. Now I like a range of things - Americana, roots, blues, folk, bluegrass, rock, pop, songwriter, 80s, Irish punk rock, etc.
Kiara at her cuddly best

Animals are important to me. My rabbit, Sunkist or Sunny as I call her, is adorable. She's part of my original herd of Jersey Wooly show rabbits. For 8 years I raised, bred and showed Jersey Woolies and went to shows across the country. I also have a cat, Kiara who's a cuddly pain.

The farm is where my heart is but I'm learning to love the city and enjoying discovering it.