Born Country

The "title" for this blog comes from one of my all-time favorite country music artists, Alabama, and their song "Born Country". The song has always spoken to me as I've known that "country" is just deeply apart of me. I live in the Milwaukee area now, but am still part of the agriculture industry and know that I'll return to the country someday. Alabama also just so happens one of my dad's favorite artists as well.

About This Blog

I'll write whatever I feel like writing, which could be anything. Really though, here are a few things I like that you may or may not see here regularly:

  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Dairy cows
  • Beer
  • Exploring my "new" city of Milwaukee
  • My job
  • Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Baking and cooking
  • My family's dairy farm
  • Relationships - my family and the boyfriend
  • Friends
  • Did I mention food and beer?

About Wagner Organic Dairy

Wagner Organic Dairy
My dad with Diva, the sassy cow who loves attention.
Wagner Organic Dairy is a small, 2nd generation organic dairy in Minnesota. My Dad bought our family farm from my grandpa and started working on it as soon as he left high school, while attending the local tech school for Farm Business Management.  It was transitioned to organic around 2001. The farm consists of a maximum of 38 cows in a tie-stall/stanchion barn, plus farming 180 acres that are owned and another 20-30 rented. The cows are primarily Holsteins, with quite the mixture of cross-breds of just about any breed including Montbeliarde, Norwegian Red, Jersey, Shorthorn, etc. crosses.

Part of my passion for agriculture stems from my innate love of animals. In middle school I became enamored with Red Holsteins. Our first Red Holstein heifer calf born had difficulty standing up on her own when she was born but, with the help of my Dad, I devised a plan that worked to strengthen her legs and she eventually grew up to produce her own Red Holstein calves.